Wisdom Wednesday: Content Cleaning

We’re here to make you wiser on this beautiful Wednesday!

From our experience, one of the most heart-wrenching occurrences after a fire or flood is looking around your home and realizing that your most treasured personal belongings (“contents”) are damaged.  What most people do not know is certified professionals like Restore can save and restore the affected items to pre-loss condition, so don’t fret just yet!  Call Restore first!

Restore’s team can be onsite within one hour of the emergency service call to not only inspect and identify the damages but to also develop a detailed inventory of all contents.  Our certified technicians will be able to quickly confirm whether or not the items can be salvaged and restored.  Acting fast will allow you to save more of your valuables!

Restore can also assist with the valuation of these items, if requested.  Once our trained technicians have determined what is salvageable, these items will be brought back to Restore’s contents facility to be deodorized, cleaned and sanitized.  Restore can also store the contents at our facility and move them back once the repairs are complete.

Therefore, if you experience a fire or flood and require content cleaning, call Restore, your full-service restoration company!

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