Tuesday Tip: Hire a Professional to Handle Water Damage


With rain in the forecast, it is important to prepare for flooding.  Preparation includes locating a certified, experienced and professional restoration company like Restore who understands the effects of water damage and how they can be negated.  Our employees undergo hands-on training during which they gain an understanding of the science behind proper cleaning methods.  Our employees are aware of specific techniques and methodologies that are effective dependent upon the type/category of water damage.

Restore knows that it can be difficult for an untrained individual to identify moisture once the flood recedes, and this is an extremely important step in the process, hence the significance of hiring a professional like Restore.  Microbial growth can occur within 24 hours, and the standing liquids can not only saturate textiles but also percolate through drywall.  The moisture that gathers behind your walls could cause aggressive mold and bacteria growth.  Reacting to the water damage quickly, therefore, is pivotal.

Our team can identify the items compromised by the water damage.  Porous items are definitely questionable due to the fact that they lock in more moisture and cultivate the growth of microbes.  We will identify any hidden pockets of excess moisture with specialized equipment, effectively remove the damaged structure (carpet, carpet pad, baseboard, drywall, insulation, etc.), and then dispose of said affected materials.  We will also disinfect the area by applying anti-microbial sanitization.  Once cleaned, Restore will install drying equipment to prevent further damage.  We are always sure to complete moisture readings to ensure dryness prior to the removal of the equipment.

For all of these reasons, it is important to seek services from professional restoration companies when you experience a flood.  Restore understands the process and how important it is to mitigate the damages quickly.  Therefore, keep us in mind during this flood season!