Campfire Safety Tips

Doesn’t the smell of sweet marshmallows toasting over an open campfire make you think of a great summertime camping trip? How about a delicious hotdog roasting on a stick over the same fire? I am salivating just thinking about both!

When enjoying a campfire and the related yummy foods, it is imperative to remember to do so safely. Restore Construction, Inc. recommends you follow the tips listed below to stay safe this summer.

  • Do not build a fire on a windy day as the sparks and embers could travel, causing an unintentional fire.
  • Ensure there is a safe distance (at least 8-10 ft.) between your campfire and tents, chairs, trailers, lighting fluid, propane cylinders, pressurized containers, overhanging tree branches, bushes, dry grass, and other combustible items.
  • If a fire pit is provided, build the campfire inside of it; if not, build it on bare rock or sand.
  • Be sure to clear all debris from the area in which you build the fire first.
  • Pay attention to the wind direction to ensure sparks and embers do not travel onto flammable materials.
  • Contain your fire by surrounding it with rocks, if possible.
  • Store the excess wood upwind and away from the campfire.
  • Avoid using flammable liquids to start your fire. Crumpled paper and kindling are safer options.
  • Be sure to place the wood in a teepee shape.
  • As the fire grows, add larger, dryer pieces of food to the teepee shape.
  • Keep water nearby at all times in case the size grows larger than anticipated.
  • Do not burn garbage in the fire.
  • Keep campfires to a small, manageable size.
  • Never leave the campfire unattended.
  • Supervise any children who are enjoying the fire with you and do not allow them to run around near the fire.
  • Extinguish your campfire using water or dirt before going to bed.