The Significance of Moisture Testing and Water Mitigation

Certified water restoration professionals, like Restore Restoration, Inc., use moisture and humidity testing to not only determine the amount of moisture intrusion or water damage a property has sustained but to also decipher how to dry the property most effectively and efficiently. The testing reveals hidden pockets of moisture and helps us determine the amount of equipment required to properly dry the affected area(s). The testing will also demonstrate how successful our drying efforts are throughout the process so that changes can be implemented if necessary. It will then confirm if the structure is dry once mitigation is complete.


Moisture intrusion is often hidden, so moisture could be present within the structure even if you cannot see or feel it. Said intrusion could intensify and worsen the structural damages caused by flooding. Only professionals, like us, have knowledge of the appropriate equipment to employ to accurately detect the moisture and humidity levels. If moisture is not quickly removed, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew and affect the property’s structural stability. Mold and/or bacteria growth begins to develop within 72 hours of the water damage, hence the significance of performing proper water mitigation services. If you experienced flooding due to the recent storms or experience it over the upcoming weekend because of the predicted rain, please contact us at 866-929-2349 to ensure you properly mitigate to prevent further damage.