10 Simple Ways to Winterize Your Home

As the chill of the upcoming winter begins to set in, we suggest taking the following preventative steps to winterize and protect your home.

  1. Insulate your water pipes in the unheated areas of your house.
  2. Wrap the pipes in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, especially if the rooms are along exterior walls. If you choose not to wrap said pipes, we recommend keeping the cabinet doors open so that warm arm can circulate inside of the cabinet and around the pipes.
  3. Turn off the valve that carries water to your exterior spigots and then drain the exterior spigots, sprinkler lines, and hoses.
  4. Drain any pipes in your air conditioner unit and turn off the air conditioner’s water shutoff valve if the unit has one.
  5. Remove any window air conditioner units and store them away until next year. We suggest sealing any water leaks around the area where the air conditioner unit was installed after the unit is removed.
  6. Replace or clean furnace filters monthly while your furnace is in use.
  7. Ensure your ductwork is properly sealed.
  8. Seal any drafts you are experiencing under your doors.
  9. Seal any gaps you have in areas where two different building materials meet with caulking and weatherstripping.
  10. Install storm doors and windows if you do not already have them. You may also want to purchase window insulation kits and install them.