Homeowners Insurance Policy Review

Given our experience within the restoration industry, we understand the significance of periodically reviewing your homeowners insurance policy and reassessing your needs. It is essential you ensure your policy protects all your assets. You want to purchase a policy that best protects not only your home but also your personal belongings. It is also important you ensure you are receiving all available and applicable policy discounts.

Insurance companies owe for like kind and quality, so it is important to estimate the full replacement cost when you review or renew your policy. For instance, you may have insured for your home for $300,000 when you first purchased it, but your home may now cost $400,000 to rebuild due to renovations made over time and increased construction costs. Therefore, this outdated policy does not provide enough coverage for the rebuild. It leaves a $100,000 gap in coverage, which could cause a considerable amount of issues if you must rebuild after a loss.

You may be wondering when you should review the policy. We recommend doing so at least once per year. You should consider completing your review and ensuring you have the correct coverage limits and policy type during the below circumstances.

  • Renewal of policy
  • Acquiring of new valuables, including but not limited to a new TV, a laptop, jewelry, artwork, and musical instruments
  • Completion of renovations to your house
    • Please be sure to check on water backup coverage, especially if you finish or refinish your basement.
  • Upgrading of your outdoor space, such as by installing a storage shed, pool, hot tub, swing set, or sprinkler system
  • Installation of safety equipment, such as theft protection or a fire suppression system

We are firm believers that an annual review can go a long way in the protection of what may very well be your largest investment.