Throwback Thursday: Richton Park Fire Repairs

Restore Construction recently completed a fire restoration project valued at approximately $110,000 in Richton Park, IL. Restore not only rendered emergency and contents restoration services for the homeowner but also completed the reconstruction of the home. Our full-service team quickly responded to the emergency when it occurred, secured the property to prevent further damage, and accessed the damages to the homeowner’s personal property items and house. We also packed out, cleaned, and stored the salvageable contents, assisted the homeowners during the preparation of the inventory of their non-salvageable contents, negotiated the insurance settlement with their carrier, completed the fire damage repairs to bring the property back to pre-loss condition, and packed back the contents from storage once the repairs were done. We were there, assisting and supporting the homeowners, from start to finish, and the house looks beautiful. Check out some of the photos taken after the repairs were completed below!