Leaky Appliance Have You Down?


Don’t worry you aren’t alone.

Water heaters, HVAC, refrigerators, and washing machines are known culprits of causing property damage.
Leaky appliances can cause extensive water damage within minutes and mold growth within 48 hours.

It is almost inevitable that an appliance hose, seal or pipe will break, disconnect, or deteriorate over time. Drains on refrigerators will freeze and clog and the drain pan on your HVAC will overflow with nowhere for the water to go expect on your floor or in your walls. Inspecting your appliances regularly is a good form of prevention.

But when you find yourself with a leaky appliance, let Restore Construction Company inspect the problem, identify the source, resolve the issue, mitigate the damage, and restore your property.

Whether it is water damage to walls or floors, mold growth, a plumbing issue, or structural damage we have the expertise and experience you need.

Every minute counts, call us today 847-455-3000.