Spring Has Sprung!

Don’t let unwanted water dampen your mood   


Feeling helpless as you watch your basement flood from heavy spring rains? Due to water backing up, cracked foundations, or sewer issues during the rainy season is a common occurrence. With nowhere to go water rushes into your home through cracks, floor drains, toilets and sinks and you are left with a flooded basement – an unsanitary mess, and extensive damage.  


Here are some causes of a flooded basement: 

  • Overflowing gutters from debris such as leaves, ice etc…
  • Sealant around sidewalks or pavement that borders a house cracks over time causing water to leak in a basement.
  • Hydrostatic pressure causes water to enter a basement from groundwater which ends up in soils which later ends up in basements.


When you find yourself with a flooded basement, let Restore clean-up the damage with their trusted and experienced staff that will get the job done in a timely and professional manner. 


Whether it is damage to your walls or floors, appliances, mold growth or structural damage we have the expertise and experience you need. 


Every minute counts, call us today 847-455-3000.