Board Up Services

Be Prepared: Emergency Board-Up Services

Typically board-up services are performed when windows and doors have been broken. Plywood boards are secured to the structure as to prevent anyone from entering the premise and to keep the area and people safe. Often, board-up services are performed after a fire has happened in a home or business. In some cases, there are times to board-up windows and doors to prevent damage. For. example, if you know that severe storms, possibly hurricanes or tornadoes, are headed your way you may choose to prevent damage by applying boards to your glass areas.

Benefits of Board-Up Services

This service includes covering damaged windows with plywood so your home or business isn’t left exposed until you can have the windows replaced. The most common time to pursue board-up services is after a natural disaster or burglary results in broken windows. The service provides several benefits:

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Disaster Repair Services

Our team is fully equipped to make all repairs to your property following a fire or water loss. We take care of every detail from top to bottom, inside and out including damage estimates, loss reporting, architectural services, permit expediting, and lender notifications.