Contents Restoration

When valuable contents are damaged, determining what can be reasonably saved is a critical process. Restore is ready to act quickly to help stop and prevent further damage to your property’s contents caused by water and smoke.
We are available to come on site and perform field tests to evaluate what is economically salvageable and what is not. From fabric restoration and cleaning, to furniture, cabinetry, book and document reprocessing, we have a full-service cleaning facility to process your damaged contents. When your building is restored, your cleaned items will be returned at your convenience.

Packout, Inventory & Evaluation

To adequately prevent additional damage and to allow for cleaning and restoration of your property’s contents, we will packout and move your items to our secure contents cleaning facility. Your items will be handled with care, and we will keep a complete inventory of your contents and will document items that cannot be cleaned and restored for you and your insurance company.
contents collection
Contents Packout & Cleaning

Storage & Delivery

After your contents have been cleaned and restored, we will store the items in our secure, climate-controlled facility until your property has been restored. At that time, we will deliver your cleaned items to your property.

If you have any questions about the contents cleaning and restoration process, do not hesitate to contact Restore. Our team of technicians will be happy to help answer any questions and give you a comprehensive rundown of our process.

Let Restore Help With Your Insurance Claim

The insurance company requires you to provide an itemized list of your contents to them. Restore can take that burden off of the property owner by itemizing and aging a contents list, preparing and negotiating the contents portion of their claim for them.

Professional Contents Cleaning & Restoration

We will then clean and restore your contents in our 50,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility. We employ a variety of cleaning and restoration techniques which allows us to clean fabric, furniture, cabinetry, books and documents, and other items
contents cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

All of your contents will be stored locally in a secure location with 24-hr security, as well as surveillance cameras. A comprehensive itinerary of your contents will be compiled before being taken from your home or office. All of your contents are kept in individual units separate from other customer’s items.
During the pack out, any items that are deemed to be damaged beyond repair will be documented and we will produce a non-restorable list for your insurance provider. As a restoration company, we will always do our best to bring your contents back to their pre-disaster condition, however there are cases where this is not possible.
We understand that disasters can be an extremely stressful experience. At Restore, we have years of experience dealing with insurance claims and losses, and have worked with all the major insurance carriers. Let us help with the insurance claim process.

Contact Restore With Any Questions

Our team of trained and certified technicians is here to help you with all of your restoration, cleaning, and insurance-related needs. Give us a call if you ever have any questions or concerns.