Water Damage restoration

Not all water damage starts with flooding or from big elemental disasters. Sometimes it happens because a toilet overflowed or leaky plumbing. No matter how water damage starts it can quickly escalate into a bigger problem, which is why it is important to always take immediate action to minimize losses and ensure your property is restored as quickly as possible.

The professionals at Restore are trained to provide emergency services after a disaster to minimize losses and to secure your property, and offer full cleanup, repair, and restoration of your home or business after any water damage situation. We have the proper equipment, knowledge, and tools to make sure that all water is removed properly and safely, and that your home is dried the right way. Without taking the right steps in the drying process, mold and structural damage can set in fast. Our technicians will clean and sanitize your home, ensuring the safety of your property now and in the future.

Most Common Causes of Water Damage

Water can damage your property in a number of ways. Restore has been working in the water restoration industry for decades, so we have dealt with nearly every type of water damage imaginable. Our full-service team of trained and certified water restoration technicians is able to handle whatever water damage you may have, but the most common causes of water damage that we deal with include:

  • Frozen, Burst, Broken, or Leaky Pipes
  • Overflowing Bathtubs, Toilets, and Sinks
  • Cracked, Broken, or Leaking Sewage Lines
  • Dishwasher or Washing Machine Overflows or Malfunctions
  • Leaking Roofs or Windows
  • Flooding or Heavy Rain From Storms
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With Restore You Can Expect:

24/7 Immediate Emergency Service

Restore Restoration professionals understand what is at stake when dealing with water damage. That is why they are prepared to take immediate action, 24/7. In an emergency, you can count on Restore.

Fast, Efficient Service

Not only will our team show up fast, we will continue to work quickly until all water is removed and the area is cleaned and sanitized. We will not quit until the job is done.

Experienced and Certified Water Damage Specialists

Our professionals are dedicated individuals who work hard to maintain industry standards of excellence. Our staff is trained, experienced, and certified in water damage restoration to guarantee the success of our practice.

Local, Friendly Service

Restore is a proud member of the community and values your families, homes, neighborhoods, and businesses. We are honored to be your chosen team in your time of crisis and will always work hard to get your life back on track fast.

Contact Restore With Any Questions

Our team of trained and certified technicians is here to help you with all of your restoration, cleaning, and insurance-related needs. Give us a call if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Restore Water Damage

Restore has served the Chicagoland area for more than 30 years. We have helped more than 10,000 home and business owners recover and will be there for you in your time of need.

We are the preferred contractor for thousands of Chicagoland area homeowners and business owners for emergency board-up, emergency property restoration services, and disaster repair services. If your property has been impacted by a disaster, call us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of time it takes to complete a water restoration project depends on the extent of the water damage, what materials might be wet, the length of time they have been wet, and how much the building materials can absorb.

We use a variety of tools and instruments designed to detect the moisture content of building materials. One such tool is a thermal imaging camera which helps us find trapped pockets of moisture within the building structure. Penetrating meters are also used to find moisture that has passed below the surface material. Most structural materials (wood, plaster, sheetrock, etc.) will hold excess moisture but will not show visible signs. If these materials are left to “slow dry”, this can produce odors and can rapidly start to grow mold. Our goal is to bring the moisture levels down to a normal pre-loss condition.

Secondary damage would be considered the moisture damage to all surfaces that didn’t get wet, but as a result of exposure to high humidity, they might receive swelling, cupping, buckling, rusting, or mold damage. Prolonged exposure to this high moisture or elevated humidity situation will lead to environmental problems of a much higher cost if left in that condition.

There is no doubt that restoring a finished basement from water damage can be an expensive proposition. If you look at what is at stake, restoring your structure compared to replacing it or doing nothing at all can seem like a much more reasonable way to protect your investment. Depending on the amount of moisture involved, what is at risk goes beyond the carpet and pad, as moisture will begin to wick up into the base trim and sheetrock. Your list of replacement items will continue to grow beyond just carpet and pad as the structure remains wet.

If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ and Glossary pages, or feel free to contact us directly.