Restoration FAQ

Restore has been helping home and business owners recover from disasters for decades. Over the years we have answered a lot of the same questions with regularity. On this page, we have consolidated some of the most frequently asked questions to save you time.

There are many terms and abbreviations in the restoration industry that may be foreign to the average person. To help you better understand some of these words, we have put together a fairly comprehensive restoration terminology glossary for you to reference whenever you need it. 

Over the years, the disaster restoration experts at Restore have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have done our best to compile posts and articles to describe different situations and to teach you about different restoration problems, situations, and solutions.

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Our team is fully equipped to make all repairs to your property following a fire or water loss. We take care of every detail from top to bottom, inside and out including damage estimates, loss reporting, architectural services, permit expediting, and lender notifications.