Commercial Kitchens on Fire

During 2010-2014 alone, approximately 7,410 structure fires occurred in restaurant establishments in the country, reported by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). According to NFPA, cooking equipment used in restaurants is the main cause of these reported incidents. These fires result in over $10 billion of property damages.


As a restaurant owner or manager, the mere possibility of having a fire in their restaurant is enough to make them cringe. Not to mention, the disturbing thought of having to close the operation down completely for days, weeks, or even months may push them right over the edge. But one way to put management and owners at ease on this topic is to be prepared ahead of time. How to prepare ahead of time for a restaurant fire? Longtime-Chicago restoration and claims experts, Restore Construction, Inc. share three negative outcomes to hiring the wrong company.


  1. Missed identification of damaged items that should be replaced or repaired 

    1. Contractors that do not have a long vetted history of inspecting fire damage may not be the best to properly identify damaged materials and contents, especially smoke and water damage which both have some non visible components 

  2. Longer than desired repair timeline, resulting in delayed reopening

    1. Contractors that are most familiar with new construction often have a difficult time following the reconstruction process and procedures specific to insurance claim work and may not be equipped to handle such work in timely fashion 

  3. Inadequate settlement funds for business interruption, contents, and repairs

    1. Contractors not licensed or skilled in insurance adjusting will not be able to navigate the complicated matters associated with the many facets of the insurance claim and the insurance policy which will result in an improper settlement for the claim(s). In some cases, claim settlements could be short millions of dollars! 


Choose a first responder ahead of time. When a fire incident occurs, panic is typically already in full motion among patrons, staff, and management. Interviewing restoration and claims professionals ahead of time and choosing which one, or two, companies to call when disaster is imminent will keep the person in charge at ease and on track with the emergency disaster plan. The company(s) of choice should be listed in several places for staff to locate. The restoration and/or claims professionals should be the second persons called after 911 is called or has arrived. Why? It’s imperative that anyone involved in dealing with or documenting parts of this important soon-to-be insurance claim are called to the scene as soon as possible to ensure that proper documentation and steps are taken in accordance with insurance policies. 


Consider having a pre-evaluation of contents done to help confirm the items and their values in advance of a total loss where nothing can be identified or salvaged. Also, keep record or receipt of items purchased for the business to help confirm what should be reimbursed. 


Restore Construction, Inc. has represented some of the top restaurants in Chicago who’ve endured a fire in their establishments. Restore is known for being locally owned and operated since the 1980s and still family operated out of Melrose Park today. The company has licensed adjusters on staff with a combined total of 125 years of insurance experience. Restore is able to assist clients with their insurance claim(s) involving business interruption, contents, and property as well as, mitigate the scene, secure the property from further damage, and properly reconstruct or repair the property. 


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