School District Flooding

On July 2, 2023 severe thunderstorms swept across Illinois causing heavy and constant rain to flood areas surrounding Chicago. Through the night the rain continued. By morning several residential and commercial buildings were in need of help as their lower levels began to flood. Restore, which has been headquartered on the western edge of Chicago for over 40 years had many loyal clients calling for assistance. Insurance agents, real estate brokers, commercial property owners, residential owners,  property managers, and school facility directors chose to call Restore as their restoration service provider that morning.  

Of the calls Restore received on July 3rd, one particular call was from a School District Facility Director that had initially five district buildings in need of flood assistance. By late afternoon that day, 10 of their district buildings were affected by storm water and backup issues. 

Restore’s response to the call, followed by swift action to cleanup the mess at all properties helped the District from incurring more damage. Restore also assisted in providing expert knowledge and awareness of Large Loss Insurance Claims to help the District know how and what to claim with their Insurance Carrier. Many local restoration companies will be able to assist with water damage cleanup services but only a few companies have the background and credentials to assist with a multi-property insurance claim. It’s important for and facility director or property manager that oversee multiple properties to have a proper Large Loss restoration and claims service provider to assist when disaster strikes. Having a company il-equipped to handle such a loss can result in a bigger disaster and a longer process for recovery. 

If you manage multiple properties, call Restore for a consultation and survey of your properties today so that we can assist you the best when disaster does strike.

Photos below are from the loss described above.

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