Fire Restoration Professionals

Why You Should Hire A Professional for Fire Restoration

The fire that tore through your home has been extinguished, and you are in shock devastatingly staring at the pieces that once made you feel whole.  What do you do now?  Get peace of mind by hiring a fire restoration professional like Restore Construction, Inc.!  We understand the stress and anxiety created by a fire loss as well as the significant decisions required throughout the process, first and foremost selecting the company that is best suited to fit your needs.

The fire restoration process is very complex.  There are numerous steps that must be taken in order to ensure the claim is filed properly, you receive a fair and equitable settlement, and the repairs are performed timely and in accordance with the parameters of your insurance policy.  In addition, you must take into consideration that there are expenses/losses you have incurred for which you may be entitled to be reimbursed; you may not even be aware of these possibilities.  One of the values Restore provides is ensuring reimbursement for all losses and expenses to which you are entitled under your insurance policy.  We have helped thousands of individuals, families and business owners through this same process, so we can say with confidence that it is a significant benefit to employ our expertise in this area.

We can effectively negotiate your claim and satisfactorily complete the required repairs.  Selecting a different contractor could potentially leave thousands of dollars on the table.  Therefore, if you or someone you know experiences a fire, keep Restore in mind!

Disaster Repair Services

Our team is fully equipped to make all repairs to your property following a fire or water loss. We take care of every detail from top to bottom, inside and out including damage estimates, loss reporting, architectural services, permit expediting, and lender notifications.