Restore offers a variety of services to protect your property from damage. From emergency measures like temporary lights and temporary fencing to protect and secure your property, to preventative measures including winterization, our team is ready to help.


Vacant properties are at risk of sustaining significant water damage during the cold winter months when pipes can freeze and burst. In unattended properties, this can result in a significant loss. Restore can winterize your property and take proactive measures to turn off the water supply, drain all water lines, and winterize fixtures to prevent cracks and damage due to cold. In most cases, vacant winterized properties will have all utilities turned off to reduce the risk of a gas leak or fire. All winterized properties are secured to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and other property damage.

Temporary Lights

When your property requires temporary lighting, Restore can ensure that all your lighting needs are covered. From floodlights to string lights, we can setup and provide adequate lighting for your property while it is under construction.

Debris Removal

Debris inside and outside your property can increase the probability of a potential health, safety, or infestation risk. In vacant, foreclosed, or damaged properties, debris should be cleaned up and removed to ensure code compliance and to protect your property from further damage. Properties with visible debris can be targets for vandalism and trespassing, resulting in the need for additional repairs and cleanup. If your property has debris that is creating a potential risk and should be removed, call Restore today.

Temporary Fencing

Whether you need to secure your property after a disaster or you require temporary fencing for safety during construction, Restore can provide the complete setup, installation, and teardown of temporary fencing for your project.

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