Water Damage Restoration

Why You Must Mitigate Water Damage Quickly

Have you recently experienced water damage from a leaking roof, flood, or burst pipe? If so, you need to mitigate quickly! The risk of incurring more damages drastically increases the longer the water sits in your home or business. The sitting water could initiate microbial growth. This water could also cause significant damages to your flooring, contents/personal property items, and even the structure, such as via foundation cracks.

Restore’s experienced and certified team is available 24/7 to promptly respond to water damage calls and reduce or prevent the amount of damage caused by the water. Check out pre- and post-mitigation photos of a recent project we completed in Schaumburg, IL below.

Disaster Repair Services

Our team is fully equipped to make all repairs to your property following a fire or water loss. We take care of every detail from top to bottom, inside and out including damage estimates, loss reporting, architectural services, permit expediting, and lender notifications.

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